Monday, March 21, 2005

They'll defend Right to Life if they have to kill you...

Gadflyer comments on the ABC news poll analysis of Americans' feelings toward Congress' disgusting intervention in the tragedy-turned-political-football case of Mrs. Schiavo. Read 'em, but here's the upshot, in my view:
They can't even get a majority of evangelicals on board with this thing.

Despite the skittishness of the Democratic leadership (and their understandable reluctance to be seen as pro-death), this is a very good issue for Democrats. It makes Republicans seem in thrall to their most radical supporters, the ones who want the government in your bedroom and now your hospital room, telling you how to live your life - and when they think it's over.

Maybe we should pull the feeding tube out of Congress' ass.

I feel a little uneasy about using Mrs. Schiavo myself for political ends, but here goes anyway: Wouldn't it be wonderfully ironic if her last, if unwitting, mortal act was to make the Hardly-ever Right step on their own dick? They do it all the time, of course, but rarely in such a noticeable and high-profile way.

In a related story from The Carpetbagger:
It's been interesting to see just how much time the president spends away from work and on vacation, but Bush's personal priorities are even more revealing when one considers what it takes for him to cut a vacation short.

Details, details. Go read.
Bush could have signed the Schiavo legislation in Texas, but preferred to cut his vacation short and make the dramatic trip back to the White House just for this occasion.

To recap, Osama bin Laden, Israel, war, and devastation? Vacation on. The religious right wants action on a woman who has been in vegetative state for 15 years? Vacation off. The man has his priorities.

How much does that big Jumbo cost to fly so he could pander to his base? That pisses me off. Did I mention that Bush is a hypocritical asshole? It may be one of his better qualities.

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