Tuesday, May 3, 2005

My old aunt

She always says, 'alles ist besser in Deutschland' [everything is better in Germany]. A little ethnocentric perhaps, but she's an old farm woman who lives in a little town, 4500 feet up in the Wasgau mountains. Some things are better, like their progressive attitude. For a culture that is over two millennia old, they're very open minded. Even my old aunt looks at Americans as prudish and reactionary and she's considered conservative by German standards. From the inimitable Dave Johnson:

Angry Bear compares the pensions given in different countries. In Luxembourg workers get 102% of ther average pay. In Austria, Hungary, Spain and Turkey you get 75%.

We get 36-38%.

In parts of Europe the workweek is 35 hours
. ("In 2001, France’s national planning agency found “indisputable” evidence that work-time reduction was creating vast numbers of new jobs, helping to bring unemployment down from 12.5 percent in 1997 to an eighteen-year low of 8.6 percent.")

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