Thursday, July 14, 2005

Democratic Veterans

Klipper at RUFNKM:

[. . .]

I was talking to my cousin yesterday. He's a fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy ... flies jets off boats ... lands jets on boats.
He's a college-educated, independent thinking, smart, young man.

[. . .]

He says that a lot of people in the Navy are getting worn out. They think this war has gone on long enough, etc.

Jim asks him if there are any Democrats in his navy. He answers that there's a few but they catch a lot of shit. He tells us how people argue and the people who aren't all about Bush are berated and treated like crap. [my emphasis]

[. . .]

Isn't that just great? I wonder if the Repubs have a political officer aboard each ship like the Soviets used to do? I can see how this happens though. The information about the war comes from the top in a basically insular community. This is related to Gord's post below, where the O-8s and O-9s are 'accentuating the positive' and it's filtering down through the ranks. Keep in mind, the flyboys have a completely different perspective of war than the grunts do. As I've said about many aspects of this 'war', we have a failure of leadership.

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