Saturday, February 4, 2006

Women haters

I run into a lot of guys like this in the course of my day. Guys who have to make up for their insecurities by treating women like shit. I'm not talking about violence toward women, but guys who dislike and feel castrated by capable, intelligent, opinionated women. Women that turn me on, by the way.


Ugly as it is to state bluntly, a lot of men enjoy power-tripping on women, and there's evidence for this everywhere you look-from sexual harassment and rape to bizarre inventions like breast implants that function primarily as a signal that the woman owning them will go so far as to mutiliate her body with a painful surgery in order to please men. That breast implants are actually ugly is beside the point-that women suffer so much for men's pleasure is the important message. Take these common cultural attitudes and place anti-choice attitudes, where sex is treated, like PZ said, like a game of Russian roulette where the gun is always pointed at the woman, and I think it's pretty fucking clear what the appeal of "moral" imperatives against contraception is to the bizarro minority of men who believe them. If a woman can't use contraception, every time you fuck her, you're putting her at risk. Pregnant bellies are the fundie version of breast implants-proof to the power-hungry, woman-loathing men that they are the ones with power, that they have so much power over women they can change their bodies.


Great thanks to Coturnix for the heads up.

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