Tuesday, November 21, 2006


These three days before Thanksgiving are the worst for us in the shop. Everybody travels this holiday and most do it by car. So, starting yesterday morning, conversations I have on the phone go something like this:

Me: Good morning.

Customer: You have to look at my car today.

Me: I'm booked up.

Customer: You don't understand. I have to drive to Boston/Baltimore/D.C./Philly/Miami tomorrow/the day after/the day after that, and my brakes are making noise/my inspection sticker is expired/my windshield wipers don't work.

(Note: Brakes don't just wear down overnight. You hear them squeaking for weeks before they turn into a lathe and grind your rotors away. Also, why is your inspection a priority now when the sticker expired the end of August?)

Me: And you're just hearing/noticing this now or have you been turning up the radio so you don't?

Customer: You have to fix it, I'm gonna have my kids in the car.

Me: Fine, leave it with me.

Seems bad brakes or whatever is just fine to take your kids back and forth from school, go to the mall, and take your ass back and forth to work. Planning, people. And by the way, remember I squeezed your ass in this week when Christmas time rolls around. I drink Jack Daniel's by the way.

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