Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Screw bipartisanship; it's time for revenge.

From The BEAST

The question isn't whether Bush should be impeached; it's how many decades his prison term should last. And "should" doesn't really cut it: Bush needs to be impeached.

Bush needs to be impeached because Bush worshippers just plain deserve it. It was they that were giddy with self-righteous rage, so desperate to take Clinton down that they didn't care how pathetic their excuse was. They need to be paid back, and to know they asked for it. They need to be demoralized and dismissed before they take the government back and damage it further. They need, after all, to know their reign was a colossal failure, a blight on the record. They need to know that now and forever, George W. Bush will be to presidents what OJ Simpson is to all-star running backs. These people understand things in terms of winning and losing, and they need to know that, in the end, they lost.

Bush needs to be impeached because the only language these people understand is power. Their hearts will not be touched by forgiveness. Any mercy is a sign of weakness to them. If you want to earn a thug's respect, you've got to kick his ass up and down the block (my em). No negotiation. No compromise. Slash and burn. Teach these assholes a lesson. Leave them broken and gasping in a puddle of their own urine. Don't ever let them forget the humiliation and the shame of it.

But beyond revenge and humiliation - the reasons that Republicans will actually understand - Bush needs to be impeached because he is a criminal of the highest order, and because tolerating criminals at the seat of power is itself a crime against the nation. The core problem in Washington today is not the president's lack of respect for the law; it's that congress has done nothing about it. The first step toward restoring a reasonable government is correcting that.

Bush needs to be impeached for the same reason any conservative will tell you that drug offenders need to go to jail forever. In other words, if a president abuses his power, misleads the nation, flouts the constitution, breaks longstanding international laws and ignores congress - and then, when the opposition takes power, nothing happens - what kind of message does that send to the next power-mad president? Bush - and Cheney - need to be impeached because that's how this thing works.

Bush needs to be impeached, but it's not going to happen. Not a chance. Because as wrong as the Republicans are, they're right about one thing: the Democrats just don't have the courage to do what's right.

Gee, that rant was going along fine until the last paragraph!

I have high hopes that all the high-minded rhetoric about impeachment being "off the table" is just that - rhetoric, and will fly out the window soon after the investigations get started and evidence of Bu$hCo's high crimes and misdemeanors comes to light. One can only hope the Dems are ready for this. They've had six years of sitting in the corner taking notes.

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