Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dear Hillary ...

Though I voted for you in the NY primary, it seems obvious now that Barack Obama will win the Dem race. You are playing a defensive game now and there aren't too many places left to make your stand. I would hope you see the writing on the wall and bow out of the race, gracefully and with dignity.

I would hope you see the value in uniting the party behind one candidate in order to go after the presumptive Republican nominee. It will be a difficult fight for too many people buy into in the 'McCain Myth', of the 'war hero', the 'straight shooter', and the 'maverick'. I would hope you will see the logic of not bringing this fight to the convention floor and allow the party to show America a united Democratic Party.

The real enemy here are the Republicans, not Obama and his supporters. I realize giving up the chance for more power is not in the Clinton game plan, but for the good of the nation in these critical, dangerous times, it is imperative. The nation cannot withstand another four years of George Bush in the form of the toady, McCain.

Had you kept the commanding lead you enjoyed when this shindig kicked off, I'd be writing this to Barack. He, however, is the one with the momentum, the one who closed and overtook you. You have to allow him to ride that momentum into the White House. A fight to the end with him will only serve to alienate many who will turn to McCain. The nation and the world cannot withstand another Republican in the White House and a Democratic win in November is a long way from certain.

It's time for you and your old man to put the 'Clinton Machine' to work for Barack and forget about the superdelegates. It smacks of the Supreme Court decision in 2000, handing the election to Bush. It's time for you to bow out and do what's best for America, not for Hillary (or Bill) Clinton.



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