Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Something a little different


Matier & Ross, EssEffChron:

Pride ride: An off-duty San Francisco firefighter was snapped riding topless with Dykes on Bikes during the big Gay Pride Parade.

The bare-chested belle, Sabine Balden, probably wouldn't have registered much more than a few snickers, except the photo also showed the 10-year veteran firefighter wearing what appeared to be her official badge pinned to her black-and-white-striped bustier.

And wearing a badge off-duty is against the rules unless the boss gives the OK.

Said Balden: "I'm perfectly happy to be riding topless in the parade. That's what gay pride is all about."

A big proud gal on a big bike, and a firefighter too! If I was her boss, she'da damn sure had my permission to wear her badge even if I had to give it retroactively! Go get 'em, Sabine!

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Anonymous said...

She's an embarrassment to SF. A selfish act. She didn't take into account how she tarnished the professional reputation of such a fine and traditional establishment such as the SF Fire Dept. It's one thing to be proud of your sexual orientation but leave your work place and co-workers out of it. She doesn't know that she's the butt of many jokes by her co-workers to this day.