Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Your 4th Amendment rights ...

Will be nothing but a memory at this time tomorrow morning. The Senate votes on FISA and telecom immunity today and we will send a message to the world that the law is only for those who can't afford to buy their way around it:


Once passed by the Senate, the FISA bill will then immediately be sent by the Democratic Congress to an eagerly awaiting and immensely pleased President Bush, who will sign it into law, thereby putting a permanent and happy end to the scandal that began when -- in December, 2005 -- he was caught spying on the communications of American citizens in violation of the law. The only real remaining questions are (a) whether Bush will host Steny Hoyer and Jay Rockefeller at a festive, bipartisan White House signing ceremony to celebrate the evisceration of the Fourth Amendment and the rule of law, and (b) whether Bush, when he signs the bill into law, will append a signing statement decreeing that even its minimal restraints on presidential spying are invalid.


So any corporation, any entity, will now be free to break the law as long as the President of the United States said it was okay. That's the way shit works in tin-horn dictatorships.

The American principles: of, by, and for the People no longer apply in the United States of the 21st Century. Maybe some of these lawmakers should walk through Arlington Cemetary and explain to those interred there that all their sacrifices were for naught - that they gave their lives to defend nothing but "a piece of paper". After today, the Constitution becomes irrelevant.

It's disgusting.

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