Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jumping Jack Rachel Maddow

If ya sometimes get the idea that I'm just a tad bit obsessed with the finest woman, maybe person, yet in political broadcasting, well, you're right.


An exuberant Maddow called for a stronger progressive media to counter the right-wing propaganda machine.

Fuckin' A! Rachel and Keith are a better-late-than-never addition to Bill Moyers, who has been crying out in the wilderness for years, but there's plenty of room - and need - for a lot more.


Really good article at The New York Observer:

Keith Olbermann took photos as the massive, tricked-out partymobile swallowed the MSNBC political panel whole: Michelle Bernard and Eugene Robinson, Pat Buchanan and Rachel Maddow.

The inside of the stretch Escalade had the pundits in stitches. There were Champagne glasses, leather seats, tinted windows, disco lights, and outrageously cheesy, curvy everything. “It’s like Battlestar Galactica in here,” said Ms. Maddow. “This is how MSNBC rolls out.”

“I think it was such a smart choice,” said Ms. Maddow. “McCain sends his apparatchiks as his envoy to Georgia, undercutting our own government. In the meantime, Mikheil Saakashvili calls and asks for Biden, before he’s even the VP.”

“My agenda for the next two weeks is to enjoy being at the conventions—like, ‘Oh, that’s Joe Biden outside the window! Woo-hoo!’” said Ms. Maddow. “I’ve never covered a convention before. I’m trying to keep it together and stay relaxed.”

As if on cue, Tammy Haddad, the ubiquitous whirlwind of a TV producer, burst through the hotel’s front door, said hello, hello, hello, and announced that she had major news about the hotel. “They got us in here with the white supremacists,” said Ms. Haddad.

For the next five minutes, she regaled the MSNBC pundits with a story, which would appear on the Newsweek Web site later that night, about the F.B.I. arresting several hotel guests for gun and methamphetamine possession. The men, with apparent ties to white supremacist groups, had maybe come to town to try and assassinate Senator Obama. During the arrest, one of the jittery dudes had jumped out of a window on the sixth floor!

“Know how you can tell a crime isn’t going to be successful?” Ms. Maddow asked her new friends. “Crystal meth.”

Heh. I've watched guys try to fix their motorcycles behind that shit. They get it all apart and run out of crank. That's the end of that until they recop. Disclaimer: I've done that too, but I had to complete the repairs since it was my job.

The party petered out because there wasn’t anything to drink. At midnight, Ms. Maddow headed off to bed.

Much more. Enjoy.

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