Saturday, September 13, 2008

Free Mexican Airforce

Last night, me'n Mrs. G went to hear Peter Rowan and his bluegrass band. It was a real good show, and only $20 a ticket, which is pretty cheap these days I'm told, and well worth it. They did some straight traditional bluegrass to kick it off and then branched out a little and did dome of Mr. Rowan's signature numbers like "Panama Red" and "Land Of The Navajo", as well as stuff like "We're Choppin' Down The Trees For Jesus" and "Ruby Ridge" which was about the FBI murder rampage in Idaho some years back from the standpoint of the target.

Everything was done in bluegrass style since that's the band he had with him, but he's in no way limited to that. He's played with everybody from Bill Monroe to Jerry Garcia.

Just as an aside, the band was casual in the extreme. I made the comment to Mrs. G that they looked like they just knocked over a gas station and all they got was the attendant's pants. She agreed. The Crown Room is casual anyway and we weren't there for no fashion show.

So I went lookin' for a video to show you and ran across this one. Mrs. G has been a fan of this gent for 44 years. I'm a relative newcomer at only about 37 years. I hope this video begins to explain why. Enjoy.

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