Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm in love with a butch lesbian

Great article in New York Magazine on Rachel Maddow. Long. Good. If you like her, go read it. Just a coupla quotes:

She also does not abide impoliteness: In March, when Pat Buchanan told Democratic strategist Kelli Goff to “shut up” on Dan Abrams’s show, on which Maddow was also a guest, she leaped in to administer such a deft, polite scolding—“Pat! I have never heard you tell anyone to shut up like that before!”—that the former Nixon speechwriter looked genuinely chastened. Buchanan, whose 1992 culture-war speech was a pivotal moment for 19-year-old lesbian Maddow, now frequently appears on The Rachel Maddow Show to provide conservative counterpoint under the rubric “It’s Pat,” which he most likely doesn’t know is a reference to the old Saturday Night Live skit about a gender-neutral character. “Thank you so much for coming on, Pat. Always a pleasure,” she says warmly when he totters off after their sparring matches.

I picked up on the SNL "It's Pat!" reference the first time I saw it. The old fart indeed does not have a clue. On many levels.

If you leave out enough shit between the quotes you can make any point you care to:

“He pees like a girl,” she points out.

More like an old Repug. Heh.

Note to Rachel: Go ahead and get the restraining order on me, hon. I can take it.

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