Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm tired. I've been playing catch-up after two weeks of can't-play-outside weather trying to assemble a coupla truckloads of yard waste for the one annual town-sponsored 'get rid of the shit for FREE!' day, which is tomorrow. I've got the Dakota loaded to the gunwales and I have the whole rest of the day to get another load bagged up. The weather's kinda gray and I might make it and I might not. Mox nix. I don't have a lawn or rose bushes or anything normally associated with suburban yards. I hate that shit. My yard is pine trees and forest/mountain meadow flora and clearing it is less like mowing grass and more like what jailbird fire crews do. I'm talkin' chain saws, (plural, I've got 1 gas, 2 electric, and a cordless one), a sharpened spade, loppers, rakes, and the fantastic Garden Grabber. I've cut brush and 5 little 4-6" diameter volunteer pine trees and cut it all up to fit in lawn & leaf bags. The slash, not the trunks, cut them in 4' lengths. Two to five hours a day since Monday and it ain't a patch on the ass of what needs to be done on my .47 acre Ponderosa. I don't care. There'll be plenty left for next year. There always is.

I'm tired of the goddammed 'news' too. All it is is right wingers whining about Obama and how their trailer trash goddess had a joke told about her kid, and sticking up for murderous loonies and trying to back away from their part in shoving said loonies off the edge. Total bullshit.

I'm taking the rest of the day off and going back out in the yard and cut shit up and throw tennis balls. That slows the work down considerable but it's joyous to play with the dogs.

Go see our local independent radio station, KTKE. Click around. Have fun. They claim you can listen to them live, but I haven't been able to make it work yet. The website is pretty new and the alleged streaming feature is newer than that. I usually listen to them in my truck. They don't always play what I like but my truck radio has buttons so no problem.

The only person I've met there is Shaggy. Nice guy. I went over to get a sticker for my truck and the door was locked. He heard me rattle the door and got up from playing records on the air and went out to his Jeep and got me a coupla stickers. Smokey's Kitchen, prominent on their site, is fifty feet across the parking lot from the station and has really good food if you're in town. I wouldn't doubt they get a lot of advertising for feeding starving DJs. Heh.

See yas later.

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