Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quote of the Day

This pretty much has nothing to do with the rest of The Rude One's post on tonight's health care speech, but I like it:

Sarah Palin's role in the world right now is to have her face photoshopped onto pictures of spread-eagled, nude MILFs, with the images emailed around the dorms of Dartmouth or Pepperdine so that she provides fresh spanking material for young conservatives who just want to jack their spunk onto her glasses. It puts her in the pecking order of usefulness somewhere between tribute bands and moon shoes.

Heh. My first thought was that it's like extra pathetic for wingtard college kids to jerk off to an image of a usually fully dressed woman old enough to be their mother. Better than doing it to Ann Coulter, I suppose. That'd be sick. Yuck.

One would think that they'd be fantasizing about women more their own age. I know I do. Thanks for the memories, Emmylou.

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