Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Acupuncture on Ice

Hey, Olympic Committee, yer missin' a bet for the Winter Games! I mean, ya got this perfectly good speed skating venue just goin' ta waste after the skaters are done, and you'll get a whole new audience! Beer sales'll go through the roof! Band-aids too if one o' these things makes it inta the stands...

Jsspeedway coureur Johnny Tuinstra in actie. Mylène de la Haye maakte een beeldcompilatie voor

Thanks to Mylene2, Netherlands.

More Olympics:

I've actually been watching some of the curling. I don't understand a damn thing the announcers are saying about it, but the Norwegian men's team pants are to die for!

The title of the song is "Hearts On Fire". Must have something to do with the burritos at the concession stand...

HammerFall vs. The Swedish Womens Olympic Curling Team.

Thanks to Inspector71.

A few more days of Olympics and my brain will be returned to me. They promised...

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