Thursday, February 25, 2010

Live Irish Coffee Blogging the First Hour or So of the Greatest Summit in the History of Anything Vaguely Health Care-Related

The Rude Pundit of course. There's an awful lot of crapola on this thing out there today, but for sheer entertainment value I'll go with RP. The Irish Coffee ain't as quick-acting as his usual straight Old Overshoes paint & liver remover whiskey so it's quite long. Enjoy.

You know, you'd think these fuckers were meeting over something more than a few marginal improvements in the savage health care system of America. But Irish coffee, bigoted a name though it may be, is a hell of a drink in the snowy a.m. Let's CSPAN-3 this motherfucker, yo.

9:58: Aw, shit, there comes Obama down the street. Someone cue the Reservoir Dogs music.

10:47: What Obama has done here is fascinating. He's making a public demonstration of the competence and bipartisanship of the Democrats. If Republicans were smart, they'd walk out. They're about to get their asses handed to them. A walk-out would change the story. But, you know, they're Republicans. They're gonna try to bully their way out of this.

10:49: And Reid is kicking all kinds of ass right now.

Maybe I was wrong about the Irish Coffee...

11:07: Coburn wants to ration care by limiting testing. Actually, he's talking competently and reasonably about prevention and nutrition. If he could lift Mitch McConnell's balls and get out from under his taint, Coburn might actually have something to say.

11:11: Ooh, Coburn proposes undercover patients as a solution to fraud. Secret spy shit. It works so well in stopping drug dealing.

Good idea! I propose undercover agents on senate staffs for exactly the same reason.

More tomorrow, maybe later.

The Irish Coffee musta finally kicked in.

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GOP Crapping Their Pants Over Reconciliation

Jim Demint shit himself so completely that he even splattered his aides when he called reconciliation "tyrannical," which means he thinks that passing a bill by a majority of Senators in, you know, the whole Senate is the equivalent of Pol Pot. He promises to try to gum up the works with endless amendments. DeMint is pretty much the underwear bomber of the Senate, though, so it's to be expected that he'll be a total dickbag.

You know you've got your opponent cornered when he starts saying that the rules of the game are rigged against him.

Instead of rigged for him and he still loses. Heh.

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