Saturday, October 23, 2010

Flying ...

So, about 10 days ago, our older (20 month) dog Chooch went under the knife. As responsible dog owners, spaying/neutering is de rigeur.

Da Chooch

I dropped Chooch off with Dr. Grove on my way to work and the procedure was done. No complications. I picked her up on the way home and Dr. Grove gave me strict instructions to keep her calm for a few days, no running or jumping for 7-10 days, let alone doing steps. Fine. She also sent Chooch home with a "Cone of Humiliation" around her head so she wouldn't pick at the incision (the cone lasted about 20 minutes before she got it off).

A little background on Chooch: She's fast, unbelievably so, and she's a jumper. She takes four or five steps at a time going up and just jumps both flights on the way down (we call it flying). She also has a 3 month old little sister (Ziva) to roughhouse with (which they do constantly). So keeping her calm, off the steps, and not jumping for a week has been an interesting exercise. Mentioning of course that Australian Cattle Dogs are stubborn and determined, in addition to being extremely intelligent.

Well, Thursday she was given the okay to resume her normal activity and everybody's happy again. Chooch, who was going stir crazy, Ziva, who has her playmate back, and me and the Mrs., thankful that the ordeal is over.

Now Chooch can fly again and she's doing it with relish.

Sugar Ray - Fly

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