Monday, October 18, 2010

"If East Germany can do it, we can do it!"


At a town hall meeting Sunday afternoon(1) in Anchorage, U.S. Senate campaign GOP nominee Joe Miller was asked a long question on how we should keep illegal immigrants out.

His short answer: "If East Germany can do it, we can do it!"

Jaw, meet floor. From the link:

As many of you are no doubt old enough to remember, the barrier separating East and west Germany was no mere fence. It was called "The Iron Curtain", and it certainly lived up to that name and then some.

This so-called "fence" had armed patrols watching for anybody foolish enough to climb over. And they killed between 100 to 200 people who attempted to get around, or over, the obstacle to reach freedom in the forty or so years of its existence. Is THIS what Joe Miller envisions for the southern borders of California, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico?

Just long enough to get him elected, I think.

Also, at the same meeting, he had a lefty journalist/blogger put in irons by his 'security' goons for trying to ask questions Miller didn't want to hear about alleged improprieties and possible felonies he may have committed whilst he was an attorney for the Fairbanks North Star Borough.

Go read this stuff. Not only is Teabagger Joe an arrogant IOKIYAR type and "noun, verb, unconstitutional" unless it helps him, he's a less-agreeable(!) Palin with a five o'clock shadow and no rack.


Shannyn Moore

Joe Miller's Alaskan Militia

Shorter: right-wing goons, mercs, former Blackwater types.

Having a personal militia is not common. Joe Miller's narcissistic, militant disorder has come to full light with the detainment of journalist Tony Hopfinger. Political candidates with their own mercenaries are a recipe for disaster.

Update II:

Sam Stein

Tony Hopfinger, Reporter Detained By Joe Miller's Security Guards, Speaks Out About Ordeal (VIDEO)

A good read, but now a few personal words about handcuffs.

I have been handcuffed more times than I care to admit. Always applied by cops per their SOP. No problem there. Resist a cop, the charges will be worse than they would have otherwise been. Their rules, their courts, their jails. I get that.

I have had civilians try to handcuff me as a gag. I do not permit this under any circumstances and none of them succeeded. Bottom line: enough thugs can probably put me in irons, but they will motherfucking PAY on their way to it. Anybody but a cop that wants to handcuff me is gonna have to bring some to get some.

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