Monday, January 31, 2011

This is why ...

The concept of a "Republican woman" is so alien to me. How can any woman support this:


Let me reiterate this: If you were raped and your rapist didn't cut you, shoot you, or otherwise leave marks on your body, then according to Republicans, you were not raped, you only had maybe less-than-enjoyable sex.

When the political party you support marginalizes you (take note, Log Cabin Republicans), it's time to move on. Any group who would force a woman to carry her rapist's child to term should turn every woman's stomach.


How this shit would work in real life:


So if your twelve-year-old is sexually attacked by a neighbor, and her attacker says he'll kill her if she doesn't keep quiet and do what he wants, in Chris Smith's world she wasn't actually raped. And if your twelve-year-old becomes pregnant as a result, and your insurance doesn't cover abortion, and you want to use your flex or HSA money to pay for it, Chris Smith won't let you do that either. Because Chris Smith thinks your daughter is a dirty slut who asked for it.

And this is one of the new GOP Congress' first priorities.


Again, I ask Republican/conservative/Tea Bag women; is this what you support? For your daughters? For yourself?

Is this what passes for "family values" nowadays?

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