Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A thought ...

About this whole Egypt thing. There must be a lot of sphincters tightening in Tel Aviv and Washington.

Over the last couple days, in my flu-induced stupor, I've been trying to envision what could come to pass after Mubarak finally leaves. Both the US and Israel have been lulled into a false sense of security over the past 3 decades and I get the feeling everybody's running around with their hair on fire now that the collapse of the Mubarak/Sadat government has happened so quickly after so long. You can bet whatever becomes of Egypt, the next government won't be as friendly to the US and Israel and certainly not as receptive to our interests as Mubarak was.

I'm surprised the conservatives haven't gone full bore to turn the Muslim Brotherhood into the next al-Qaeda/Hamas/Hezbollah/Islamic Jihad etc.

Oops, silly me. It seems they've infiltrated us already.


And lo and behold, I'm watching James Baker on MSNBComcast right now referring to the Muslim Brotherhood as "enemies" and "radical Islamists" who will "attack Israel". The Neocons should be having a circle jerk right about now.

Nearly peed myself laughing when Baker said something about "protecting the democratic processes" in Egypt. To hear him say it, Mubarak was a friend to all, including furry woodland creatures.

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