Friday, April 29, 2011

I hope it doesn't have the ejection seat...

...although rumor has it that Charles considered installing one for Di. Or his Mom...

I think this is funny. The car has an "L-plate". The 'L' is for 'Learner' as in new driver. What it really means is "Newbie at the wheel! Get outta the way!". I will ass-yoom there's not a similar plate on their bedpost. Heh.


This just in:

Harry did it! Apparently that is the plate for the Royal Bedpost!

Many have speculated that the bright red L plate on the grill of the James Bond-style vehicle signified that the Prince was still a rookie behind the wheel. But fret not, motorists! It’s probably just a royal inside jape, as Prince William successfully passed his drivers’ test in 1999.

From Cave News:

The DB6 was given to Prince Charles by his mother Queen Elizabeth II on his 21st Birthday.

The 42-year-old car is kept at Highgrove House the residence of Charles and Camilla.

The vintage car is running on vintage too - surplus wine from a nearby English vineyard. It was converted to bio-fuel about three years ago.

The car is only driven about 300 miles a year and averages ten miles a gallon. That's about 4 and one half bottles of wine per mile.

We wonder what the exhaust smells like.

"Honest, officer, it ain't me!".

Runs on wine? Why not? The Royal Family has run on gin for generations.

You can also get cufflinks made out of the Volante's old pistons as well.

Six pistons that came from the car's engine when it was being converted to run on biofuel are being melted down to create the 200 pairs of cufflinks.

That's their story and they're stickin' to it, but my guess is the pistons were maybe a little pre-melted when they pried 'em outta the engine block. English petrol and 'power timing' will do it every time.

Christopher Bennett, managing director of TMB, said: "These cufflinks are quintessential conversation pieces, with each pair directly benefiting The Prince's Trust. When I heard about the possibility of creating such future heirlooms from the Prince's Aston, the project was irresistible."

TMB was formed following the excavation of a Battle of Britain Hurricane fighter which crashed into Buckingham Palace Road, London, in 1940. Parts of the recovered Hurricane were later made into limited-edition sculptures.

Woulda been really cool if Wills and Kate had left the palace in one'a those...

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