Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey, news flash! Willard's rich!

Greg Sargent

What timing: On day of Obama’s big inequality speech, Romney reveals massive income, low tax rates

I’m not sure the Obama campaign could have scripted this more perfectly. In a remarkable bit of good timing, President Obama is set to deliver a State of the Union speech focused on income inequality and tax unfairness on exactly the same day that Mitt Romney will reveal that he made over $40 million in the last two years — all of it taxed at a lower rate than that paid by middle class taxpayers.

— Income of $21.7 million in 2010 and $20.9 million in 2011, virtually all of it from profits, dividends or interest from investments, and none from wages.

Without lifting a finger. He has people to peel him a grape...

Romney doesn’t just disagree with Obama on these fundamental issues; he personally symbolizes virtually the entire 2012 Democratic message. He is the walking embodiment of everything Dems allege is wrong with our system and the ways it’s rigged in favor of the wealthy and against the middle class. Yet this is the standard bearer the GOP seems set to pick.

Heh. Between Willard and Neutie, looks like the battle is between the 1% and the Dead End Quarter.

Yo, Barry, go ahead and fix the crib up. You got yer 4 more years.

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Anonymous said...

Another report says Mitt has contributed $7 million + to the Mormon Church in two years.

The Mormon Church wants 10 percent of everything and I'm sure they have had a chance to check Mr. Romney's figures.

There is a huge chunk of income missing from the federal and state returns.