Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Radio Free America

My two favorite radio stations are independent community stations that come up with their own programs, KVMR and KTKE. Give 'em a listen.

Raw Story

FCC decision strikes critical blow to right-wing radio dominance

“Now these right-wing radio networks won’t keep getting their translator applications approved,” Renderos added. “That will severely limit their ability to expand.”

The FCC’s decision also set clear criteria for community radio stations in heavily populated urban areas, which are otherwise bombarded by the endless droning of commercial media full of snide opinion masquerading as news.

The FCC’s move Monday was the first step on a path laid out by the Local Community Radio Act, signed by President Barack Obama at the start of 2011, which represented the first real victory in activists’ long fight against the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) the radio industry’s biggest lobbying group. The bill freed up portions of the radio spectrum that had otherwise been kept empty by the larger broadcasters, who had long insisted upon four clicks of blank space on the FM dial to prevent interference. It also stipulated that new space on the dial must be reserved for community stations in urban areas where there might otherwise be none.

“There’s hardly news at all on commercial radio at this point, much less a diversity of viewpoints and a diversity of news.” Doyle concluded. “A lot of times corporate media doesn’t even cover things that are majority views, and there’s a disconnect between what we hear in the media and what we know most of our neighbors are thinking and feeling. This is a real opportunity for people to connect with each other and start building real alternatives.”

It's a real alternative to the crap Big Radio serves up.


Me'n Mrs. G are going out to the coast tomorrow. We like KPYG (or KPIG, it's complicated)(wiki) down there. With a logo like this, is there any question why? Listen online.

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David Aquarius said...

Remember Hoff from Hoffmania back in the day? I listen to his station "Great Big Radio" at work. Drives all the young'uns crazy. All that old fogey music. Heh!