Monday, March 19, 2012

What could happen?

Arizona is going the way of Afghanistan:


But not the Special Missions Unit. Oh, no. A state senator named Sylvia Allen wants to spend $1.4 million to arm and "train" a militia of armed volunteers who run around Arizona busting anyone suspected of "cross-border criminal activity," including both Mexican drug cartels and the units of the Hezbollah who, Ms. Allen believes, are inches from pouring over the border in force from their training camps in Mexico. Of course, exactly who will train these citizen soldiers, and how they'll be trained, has been left somewhat vague, because what can possibly go wrong with arming government-sponsored vigilantes and loosing them upon the populace in a place where racial distrust and division has been at high tide for two years.


Um, like I said before, Arizona already has a militia. It's called the National Guard.

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