Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Fuck you, ya birther moron!"

This is fuckin' great! First the backstory:


Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sends ‘Threats Unit’ Investigator To Hawaii To Escalate Birther Probe

The Star-Advertiser reported that Zullo and Mackiewcz flashed badges on Monday when they showed up at the Hawaii Department of Health. Mackiewcz apparently also handed over a business card showing he is part of the Arizona sheriff’s “Threats Management Unit.”

I'm sure that flashing Arizona tin just impressed the shit outta them Hawai'ian folks. Heh.

Arpaio declined to explain to the Arizona Republic why the threats unit was involved in the birth certificate investigation, instead making only a vague reference to “security issues…that I can’t got into.”

A threat to your job, Joey boy? Your life outside prison? I think you'd look a treat in pink underwear!

Now the other shoe drops! Right on Arpaio's weenies. Don't miss this! Too much to quote so it makes sense. Just go. Heh.

Raw Story

Hawaiian officials have apparently had enough of your requests for President Barack Obama’s birth certificate and they’re not afraid to tell you where to get off, even if you are Arizona’s Secretary of State Ken Bennett or a special delegation sent by Maricopa County’s controversial “Sheriff Joe.”

The Hawai'ians' basic response is the title of this post.

Shewiff Joey's assholes go from a state where they are entirely used to abusing their power by dumping on Mexican-Americans to a state full of Japanese-Americans, who know a little about getting dumped on, and think they can throw their weight around the same way. One no doubt tiny Japanese-American Hawai'ian lady bureaucrat disabused 'em of that notion right fuckin' now! Kudos, Mrs. Nagamine, and well played!

One final blast o' crazy in this desperate attempt at distraction by AZ and the wacko birther groupthink and circle jerk:

The sheriff, who has recently been charged by the Justice Department of waging a systematic campaign of civil rights abuses against Latino citizens, confirmed that the two-man posse traveled to Hawaii and stayed there on taxpayer funds. He said that he hopes that the costs will be covered by donations to the sheriff’s department, which are being collected through the birther website, WorldNetDaily.

I pray (yes, pray) that we get all these mouth-breathers with terminal Obama Derangement Syndrome in one spot. We could put a significant dent in the shallow end of the gene pool with one round! I'm sure Fixer could recall his old chops and would be glad to call it in - "Fire mission, over..."

Some days, it is worth chewing through the restraints!


Fixer said...

The Warthogs would have to be carrying napalm. They definitely need to go out in a blaze of glory.

Gordon said...

Nape works!

Anonymous said...

Looks like those girls supporting the Duke lacrosse team WERE right, after all.

Anonymous said...

(Excuse the non-seq., but I always meant to leave you a late compliment). Carry on..