Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Who tweet about it.

I saw it plain as day through my welder's mask. A perfect circle-within-a-circle. Fuckin' awesome. I tried to take a video of it but all it did was show the difference between our eyes and camera optics. I got some nice shots of Mrs. G and the neighbors with the welder's mask on going "ooh!" and "ahhh!" though. See it here. Didn't tweet about it though. I'm too remote, I guess.

Mexican Cartels Blamed for Dozens of Dead Bodies
Be patient, we're only in year 41 of the War on Drugs.

Most of us in the Resistance have found ways around the long arm of the Gestapo.

House Passes Ryan's Budget, Which Cuts School Lunches, Food Stamps Because They're “Ineffective”
They prevent people likely to vote for Democrats from starving to death.

Romney : “The $2 Billion JPMorgan Lost, Somebody Else Gained”
Same goes for those who've lost jobs, homes, life savings.

Basically a giant stickup.


Fixer said...

Same goes for those who've lost jobs, homes, life savings.

Yeah, those went to non-Americans.

Gordon said...

They claim to be good Americans just like they claim to be good Christians. They aren't good anything except thieves and hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

That's my boy Romney: "If life gives you lemons, there's always lemonade." That's the kind of happy talk you can expect from someone who's never had to do without in his life.

Trouble is, it's the rest of us who get stuck with the peels and pits...