Monday, August 27, 2012

Hard Travelin' With Henry Rollins

A quite extensive interview with Henry Rollins on his new book and Afghanistan, Iran, Grampa Walnuts, Occupy, and our lame-ass media and lazy culture. A 'recommended read'.

The merest taste:

JL: So you believe oil is at the heart of all of the rhetoric regarding threats of war?

I don't think that I know more then a guy like John McCain who gets classified reports but there is a real push on the right, I mean you see how lonely they are without a war. And to hear, like, John McCain, who I have such a dislike for ... I used to not dislike him and then I read a really good book on him. He's just a flip flopping windsack. He's just ... he'll say anything to stay in office. He's just one of those guys, a company man. He's getting weird in his old age. Can you imagine McCain as president!! It would have been maybe the biggest disaster, worse than Bush because at least Bush wasn't senile. McCain was ripping Obama for bringing the troops home from Iraq like, "it'll be seen as a disaster in American history and I hope he [Obama] gets scolded appropriately" and I'm like "shut ...!!" I wrote a thing about it on my website and I said, "man it's time for you to shuffle off, cause now you're just, you're talking crazy." And those guys without a war ... They are flipping! They don't know what to do with themselves. And guys like McCain, he's all cattywampus now. And it just shows you how much they need that because it will be harder and harder for them to justify that ridiculous cold war era budget. And if you make your economy a war economy, you know, I'm no expert, but it seems to me you're going to fail. 'Cause you're not part of the future, you're part of this thing that just destroys and after a while you run out of shit to destroy and then ultimately, hundreds of years from now, you really have to invade Canada to give them democracy! Next we'll invade Belgium. Because you run out of enemies and so you just make up fake enemies. Like Iran is not our enemy, we're making them that way, we're poking them and they'll poke back. Then we'll have to go in there and take care of their democracy for them. The next Republican president, and it might be 2016 ,and it might be a good long run after Obama. I hope I'm wrong but I could be right about that. But you never know, I'm all, you know, I'm signing off on a lot of my ... I get a lot of hate mail so I always sign off "Elizabeth Warren 2016." It makes them froth at the mouth! For the next Republican president, Iran is going to be the first thing out of that guy's mouth. They want it.

I have nothing much to add to this other than we need tens of thousands more like Henry Rollins.

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