Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paul Ryan: The definitive fact-check


A comprehensive guide to the candidate's lies or misrepresentations from his big RNC speech

Quite a list.

Everyone lies. Ryan takes it to new levels.

No shit. On camera in prime time. On a whole lotta networks and channels, not just MSNBC, so people might have actually been watching.

I understand this. Besides having nothing besides talking points - lies in themselves - and a total throwback to a time-that-never-was-that-became-the-good-old-days platform, Rmoney hasn't actually been officially nominated yet, so the pandering to the Dead End Quarter will continue until he is. That's tonight. They have to keep lying so the Ron Paul people won't have a chance to throw a monkey wrench in the works and also so the boos from the 'baggers won't be on national TV. Besides, the truth would sink them. Despite their best efforts, the truth is starting to ooze under the door of people's consciousness.

Will they keep lying after Willard is the nominee? Oh hell yes.

From Borowitz:

In his speech to the Republican National Convention last night, Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan test-drove what the Romney-Ryan campaign says will be a major theme for the 2012 Republican campaign: “lying about everything.”

“The question was, how many whoppers could you pack into one speech?” the campaign adviser Tracy Klugian said. “All I can say is, when Fox News accuses a Republican of lying, you know you’ve witnessed something historic.”

No shit. Everybody and their brother has called this lyin' sacka shit out. Think it matters to him? My money's on "nope".


Phil said...

I just saw some unofficial results from an insider in the TV business for a small demographic that showed the viewership number difference of people watching the RNC convention between 2008 and 2012.
CNN was down over 70% between 7PM and 1 AM.
MSNBC was down over 50% and even FOX viewership was down over 10%.

I don't know if Sarah Palin flashing her knockers could save those numbers.

Phil said...

Kinda keep that on the low down, the source is very good but quite sensitive about their job, used to be a blogger but quit because of it.
I don't want to compromise their job.

Gordon said...

If Palin flashed her knockers we'd get to see if she has bony knees.

Human Ape said...

I've been watching the polls for a long time and I noticed there's recently been a big change.

Please see I just did the math. Right now it looks like Romney will win.