Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Have you met Kevin Kellems?

From the Center for American Progress:

MEET KEVIN KELLEMS – EXPERT ADVISER ON LYING ABOUT IRAQ: Cheney's top spokesperson, Kevin Kellems, tried to spin the Commission's rebuke into a statement that supported Cheney's position. He said, "We are pleased with today's statement from the 9-11 commission which puts to rest a non-story." Kellems, of course, has been a key player in perpetuating myths about Iraq: not only has he served as Cheney's top spokesman in misleading the public about Iraq's WMD, al Qaeda ties, and Halliburton contracts, he also served as top press adviser to Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz in the run up to the invasion, when Wolfowitz was parroting many of the same myths. See some of Wolfowitz's pre-war falsehoods, and see this example of Kellems trying to cut off an interview when a Washington Post reporter was pressing Wolfowitz for answers on why his WMD claims had proven false.

They could make mass murder sound good. Oh yeah, it's called the war in Iraq.

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