Wednesday, July 7, 2004

This is unbelievable!

Via Corrente:

A senior Defense Department official conducted unauthorized investigations of Iraq reconstruction efforts and used their results to push for lucrative contracts for friends and their business clients, according to current and former Pentagon officials and documents.

. . .

Shaw's actions are the latest to raise concerns that senior Republican officials working in Washington and Iraq have used the rebuilding effort in Iraq to reward associates and political allies.

What are the odds this will spur another investigation into the Bush White House and how they're operating in Iraq? Not!

It's good to be back up and blogging. Maybe now that old man will get off my back.

3:05 pm: Kicking Ass has more, proving I was wrong in my speculation.

The FBI is now investigating these and other cases of top Republicans turning the rebuilding of Iraq into a candy store handout for their pals. But the big question is: will the Republican controlled Congress once again refuse to do its constitutional duty and investigate this abuse of taxpayer money?

Let's hope indictments are forthcoming.

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