Monday, December 20, 2004


Light blogging today because I'm fucking anal. I can't help it. It's my German side, and from building hotrods for two thirds of my life; always takes over when I'm doing things like carpentry, or wiring. As you know, I had electrical problems, through no fault of mine (here, here). Well, the last thing that has to be replaced is the computer, which is on its way. Today, a box from Gateway came, big box. Thought it was the computer. Nah, it was the sound system for the fucking thing. Who knew? I didn't realize it when I ordered it. I usually keep the volume muted anyway.

I told you (here) about the entertainment center I have, and the changes I had to make to fit the new DVD/VHS recorder I bought. My office is the same way and it adjoins the bedroom, well . . . it's part of the bedroom. It's a big bedroom. Built my desk and all the peripherals had a place, or a shelf. Well, the new computer, with this new surround sound (buncha speakers, big subwoofer) means I gotta more shit to add.

Like I said, I'm anal. So there can't be a bird's nest of wires under my desk. No, not here. All the wires have to be in harnesses, you know, like the wiring you see under the hood in your car. You wouldn't believe the amount of wire ties I go through in a year. I buy 500 at a time in assorted sizes and colors. When it comes to wiring I'm insane. Each time I add another device to my system, I cut the all the wire ties off and add the new wires into the big harness. Every time a wire enters or leaves a harness, a wire tie goes on either side. Like I said, anal. Neat as hell though. That's how I spent my afternoon and evening. Also had to paint all the new shelves I built. Oy. Hopefully the computer will be here tomorrow so I can finally finish up. That's after I buy a new, longer printer cable so I can tuck it where nobody can see it. And after I shorten the cable line to the modem because now it's about 5 feet too long. Heaven forbid there's and excess loop of cable hanging there. I gotta get more wire ties too.

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