Saturday, December 25, 2004

Syria, eh?

From the Jerusalem Post:

The US is contemplating incursions into Syrian territory in an attempt to kill or capture Iraqi Ba'athists who, it believes, are directing at least part of the attacks against US targets in Iraq, a senior administration official told The Jerusalem Post.

The official said that fresh sanctions are likely to be implemented, but added that the US needs to be more "aggressive" after Tuesday's deadly attack on a US base in Mosul. The comment suggested that the US believes the attack on the mess tent, in which 22 people were killed, may have been coordinated from inside Syrian territory.

"I think the sanctions are one thing. But I think the other thing [the Syrians] have got to start worrying about is whether we would take cross-border military action in hot pursuit or something like that. In other words, nothing like full-scale military hostilities. But when you're being attacked from safe havens across the border – we've been through this a lot of times before – we're just not going to sit there.

[. . .]

Instead of going into Iraq with enough troops to seal the borders and keeping the bad guys from sneaking out, only to come back and fuck our asses later, we go 'with the Army we've got'. What in Hell are we gonna do (aside from bombing them back to the Stone Age) if the Syrians decide to fight back? Don't have the troops to handle the additional load, do we, Rummy? I'm waiting for my draft notice.

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