Thursday, December 23, 2004

Get mad

From Wolcott:

I recognize that most elected Democrats, stunned by the election results and feeling the need to sound responsible on such a tragic occasion, feel compelled to adopt this more-in-sorrow-than-anger tone that was one of Tom Daschle's less attractive traits. But look what good it did Daschle shaking his head with weary regret over the latest Republican outrage--he was still vilified as some sort of rabid obstructionist.

Republicans belch fire all the time without suffering repercussions, yet Democrats behave like some meek choir.

Couldn't we have at least one irresponsible, intemperate off the reservation loose cannon willing to say he is "mad" at Bush, indeed is furious with the whole lying lot of them (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, Wolfowitz...the list goes on and on)? Because this engulfing fiasco is their fault, and the fault of those unwilling to stand up to them in the first place.

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Testicles, people. Note to the Dems: Grow some!!!! More from the dog:

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You're going to be tarred for this shit anyway-- have the God damned balls to stand for something. You know what? I don't really like the idea of two men getting married-- but our laws have so many benefits applicable to married couples at this point, that its UNFAIR to deny a same sex couple similar benefits, and if gay marriage is the only way to do it... well, then God damn it, SO BE IT. And you know what? I AM going to raise your God damned taxes-- because I'm not going to put our economy into a cocked hat next year, or the year after that, or saddle our children and grandchildren with debt, because WE ARE IRRESPONSIBLE. AND TAXES AREN'T SOME GOD DAMNED FANTASY: THEY PAY FOR THE GOVERNMENT. You don't like it-- you tell me which spending I can cut, o.k.?

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