Friday, February 25, 2005

But, What If They Breed...?

Think Progress posts about Sean Hannity's new right-wing dating service.
If you’ve always been curious about romance, right-wing style, here’s what you’ve been missing:

I went and read some of their horny, creepy profiles and some comments. Here's one that made me fall out of my chair:
[All I want from this is to kill deer with Ann Coulter someday]
Well, you’d have to swing her over your head real fast, but I bet you could get up enough speed to bring a deer down with her…

Comment by Tommy

I swear folks, even my demented muse (thanks for helping identify my inner demons, CultureGhost) couldn't make that one up.

Go read. Have fun. Laugh out loud. Keep this in mind: These people are all way repressed. They think you should be repressed too, that it's normal, probably that it makes you a good American. This may be one of the reasons the Retard Right is trying to curb our freedoms. Repression breeds repression.

I wish I were rich. In the interest of their mental health and our Constitutional rights and the future of our Nation, I'd hire 'em all a gal (or guy) with a tight leather suit to go over and spank 'em, or whatever. Make 'em smile. Keep 'em off the streets and out of my shit for a while. I think I'd start with Karl Rove. I Love Karl Rove. Oh, never mind. He's already got JimmyJeff.

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