Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm floored

In a congratulatory post to G.D. Frogsdong (No I'm not kiddin'. That's his name and he's blogging over at Skippy's with Pauly.), Mimus Pauly had some very nice things to say about us:

[. . .]

And I thank the two of you, Gordon and Fixer of The Alternate Brain, very much also. As with Spontaneous Arising, your blog doesn't receive the attention and credit it deserves either. However, I think I see the reason why: The Brain is too up-front, too honest, too unvarnished, and too politically incorrect for too many people. Know what I think? Joke those fluffy bunnies if they can't take a fuck! If they can't handle Gordon's vicious wit or Fixer's righteous rage, they must not be worthy. I'm in your camp, Fixer and Gordon, and I ain't defecting (although I do have one whiny question -- what does it take to get Knox Rover to leave a comment around here?)...

Thanks, Pauly, it means a lot. And I second what you said about Michael Hawkins.

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