Tuesday, February 22, 2005

One small step

Since we've been on the subject of illegal immigration over the past few days. Found this via Corrente:

A war of words continued this week between border activists and the United States Border Patrol.

The activists say they are exercising their rights while helping stem the tide of illegal immigration.

"What I don't need is the help from a bunch of folks from all over the country coming down here and spotting," explained Tucson Sector Chief Michael Nicley of the United States Border Patrol, referring to the activists.

[. . .]


This is why I say we need some sort of immigration reform. These 'vigilante' groups are popping up in towns all along our southern border. How long before these people trade in their binocs, NVGs, and UAVs for long rifles? Why do I get the feeling we're just one small step away from seeing bodies floating down the Rio Grande? The Border Patrol can't handle the problem in its current form, undermanned, underfunded, and underequipped, and these yahoos are jumping in to fill the vacuum. How long before we read about skirmishes between them and our Border Patrol?

Innocent people are going to get hurt because of our incoherent policy. Illegals whose only crime is wanting to do better for their family, and American citizens thanks to mistaken identity. Either let them in or not, but do something before this situation gets completely out of hand.

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