Thursday, August 10, 2006

Security Theater

[Since I'm in the middle of writing - you never know when inspiration hits - Mrs. F is filling in with a post this afternoon. Her first anywhere by the way. - Fixer]

The news today about the extra airport/TSA security bullshit has pissed me off enough to write my own post.

Early in 2005, Fixer and I were talking about the state of the ceiling between our living and dining rooms. It is sagging and after 40 + years of the house settling, it can't be fixed anymore. Trust me, he has put more plaster on the crack in the ceiling dividing the living room and dining room over the years than one would know existed. Anyway, we agreed the job could go another 12-18 months before it would be a big problem and Fixer offered to take me on vacation during 2006 stating we would celebrate my 45th birthday, then when we got back, we would begin construction, (which would include a complete re-design of the space).

Since I was basically offered any trip I wanted, I started my research of land and sea trips back in late January 2005. I have always been partial to cruising, having been on 25 cruises since August of 1983, and I really wanted to go on a cruise of the Mediterranean.

In May '05, I made a definite decision on the cruise I wanted to go on. The ship was not due to come into service until February 2006, but I figured the itinerary was so interesting it would be worth the wait.

Most of you will recall the scare I had at the beginning of the year. With the news, I had the feeling that we would not make the cruise and I would be requesting a refund. Fortunately, I am ok and the cruise is on. I can't wait!!

We are currently within 45 days of our departure date and I heard the news this morning about the added airport security. Now you will not be able to bring any carry on luggage, NOT EVEN A POCKETBOOK/PURSE??? Where the hell am I supposed to keep my Passport, Travelers Checks/money/charge cards, my airline tickets, camera, laptop, (a must for Fixer) and my jewelry, (a must for me on this cruise), without any carry on luggage. I also heard that you cannot bring anything liquid. Even nursing mothers will have to have their breast milk tasted before they can get on the plane!! I cannot believe this is just about to happen right before we are supposed to fly!! It seems like every time we are close to leaving on a long anticipated trip, the world gets a little crazier.

If I have to check everything, I want to be able to lock the damn suitcase up after I clear security with anything I desire to protect my valuables. Do you think the airline will assume responsibility for the theft of any of the above items?? Do you think my homeowner's insurance is going to want to hear that I left all of those things in an unlocked suitcase that is kept out of my sight?? I think not. I'll not only get screwed without being kissed, but I will lose some very valuable and sentimental things. Could you imagine if I wore all of the jewelry I intended to take? I'd never make it through the metal detector and I'd never leave it behind.

If you can let me know what has to be done to get the sanity back before we leave, I'm all ears!!

- Mrs. Fixer

[Maybe I can shove everything up my ass? - Fixer]

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