Thursday, December 14, 2006

Couldn'ta done this ...

Before the election?

Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) has apparently suffered a mild stroke, according to various news sources.

Political Wire's "Insider" blog reports that Johnson "is speaking and is expected to be fine," with more news upcoming.[..] (T)he office did issue the following statement to the press:


Listen to me. I might sound cold and shit, but this is far more important than one man. I don't care if they have to shove a pole up his ass and have strings making his lips move, his ass better be on the Senate Floor come Jan 4. Even if he drops dead tomorrow, they'd better pull a Weekend at Bernie's come January. Times are too critical to give the Rethugs an inch and as long as Cheney can cast the tiebraker, I want a majority, slim as it is. Hope he feels better but right now I'm concerned about our nation a little bit more.


And Wordsmith called me crass in comments? Heh ...

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