Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Legacies ...

Lately, when the Chimp is asked what the debacle in Iraq will do to his legacy, he says that history will remember him well. Not so much:

WASHINGTON - History's view of George W. Bush will be harsh, Americans predict.

In a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday, a 54% majority says Bush will be judged as a below-average or poor president, more than double the negative rating given any of his five most recent predecessors.


And for the icing on the cake:


Rated most highly: Ronald Reagan, seen as outstanding or above average by 64%, below average or poor by 10%.

Bill Clinton ranks second; 45% say he will go down in history as an outstanding or above-average president. He is followed by Jimmy Carter, the elder Bush and Gerald Ford. [my ems]


As someone said the other day - sorry but I forget who - the descendants of James K. Polk are grateful to the Chimp. Their forebear is no longer the worst President in U.S. history.

Tip o' the Brain to Maru for the link.

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