Friday, December 15, 2006


18 months ago I threw down the gauntlet:

... I'll go these warmongers one better. If Jonah Goldberg makes the attempt to enlist, so will I. I'll dust off my DD Form 214 and head down to the recruiters the same day. Regardless of the fact I already served this country for 8 years (6 active, 2 reserve), I'll go back if the man who said he'd serve (if he didn't have a family and a job) gave it his best shot...

Jonah's still sitting behind his keyboard, spewing horseshit. Today, Norbizness directs us to Dr. Cole's place where 'General' Goldberg made this prediction at about the same time I had enough of his whining about not enlisting to fight in the war he helped start:

Anyway, I do think my judgment is superior to his when it comes to the big picture. So, I have an idea: Since he doesn't want to debate anything except his own brilliance, let's make a bet. I predict that Iraq won't have a civil war, that it will have a viable constitution, and that a majority of Iraqis and Americans will, in two years time, agree that the war was worth it. I'll bet $1,000 (which I can hardly spare right now). This way neither of us can hide behind clever word play or CV reading. If there's another reasonable wager Cole wants to offer which would measure our judgment, I'm all ears. Money where your mouth is, doc. One caveat: Because I don't think it's right to bet on such serious matters for personal gain, if I win, I'll donate the money to the USO. He can give it to the al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade or whatever his favorite charity is.

With that kind of intuition and judgment, he should be putting on his fouth star by now. All these idiots who read Tom Clancy and watch 24, but who've never served, knew everything. Keep your $1000, Jonah. It'll be a lot cheaper meeting me at the recruiting office.

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