Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My job

I fix cars. I am not a journalist, never wanted to be. I started blogging to give folks a bit of an insight of how their car works and demistify the auto repair business. No, we're not all crooks.

I didn't start political blogging because I wanted to be a journalist. I started because anyone in their right mind, or so I thought, must be able to see the shenanigans the Bush administration was pulling. You don't think I actually want to get heartburn and indigestion everyday, do you? Aside from the fact I've met some great people in the Blogosphere, I personally have better shit to do with my time than blog. At this point, I look at blogging as a duty, much as I did my military service. And please, no letters and emails, I'm not equating blogging with military service, just that I'm doing something to help my country once again.

I feel it is my duty because the press has dropped the ball. Face it, if the 'news media' would have done their jobs, we wouldn't be in Iraq, hell, Bush might never have become President and Clinton certainly wouldn't have been impeached. If I dropped the ball at work the way the press has with regard to Bush and the Rethugs, I'da been fired long ago. Seems when you drop the ball as a journalist there's no accountability, unless they outright, demonstrably lie. Sins of omission don't count.

It's as if I did a service and didn't bother putting any oil back in the motor. It's still gonna break, still gonna be my fault. And I'm gonna be out of a job. Since the press has no such accountability, we're here out of necessity to hold them accountable and present the truth they seem oblivious to for whatever reason.

Seems the WH press corps is mad at us now. Poor babies:


In a press roundtable at the National Press Club tonight, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow led a discussion with White House correspondents about the impact of the internet on their respective jobs. Their conclusion? They don’t like being challenged by blogs.


They got a problem with the angry, shrill, and potty-mouthed bloggers. Awww. Our good pal, and fellow New Yorker, Creature has more to say:


These fuckers have no idea what anger is. The media is responsible for cheerleading us to into a war and they sit back and act like absolutely nothing is wrong. Do they not realize the stakes? They give the White House a pass, they fuck up, and people die. If I had hair, I'd be tearing it out of my head right now.


Since it seems there are no controls on the quality and accuracy of reporting, it's up to people who know the truth to set it right. Note to press: If you did your jobs properly, I'd quit blogging tomorrow. If you gave the people the truth about what's going on, not day after day of Anna Nicole and Britney and the Crazy Astronaut Lady, you'd find the clamoring from the blogosphere would diminish markedly. Remember, 31% of American get their news from us. Almost a third of the population doesn't take you seriously as it is. Keep whining about bloggers and keep abdicating your responsibility, and you'll lose more.

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