Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Over in Morning Martini, Pissed-off Patricia, in relation to this post asked: "Are you outraged yet?" In the comments I started detailing all of the reasons why I'm outraged and became so pissed-off doing it that it evolved into a full length post. Here it is:

One of my earliest reactions to 9/11 was "How are they going to use this to their advantage?". So I have been outraged for at least 5+ years. I wasn't enamored of sending the military into Afghanistan, that was a job for covert operatives and still is. So I was little more outraged about that. Iraq outraged me without question. The photo-op seizure of Baghdad and toppling of Saddam's statue while the city was being looted upped the outrage even more. The sham that was "Mission Accomplished". The mismanagement of the peace from the gitgo. The losing of New Orleans. The 3,000 plus American lives. The 50,000 or so Iraqi civilian lives. The lack of protective armor for the Humvees. The lack of vests for the troops. The unreported military deaths because wounded that die outside of Iraq don't count in the total. The mortgage that BushCo is buying that my great-grandchildren's great-grandchildren will have trouble paying off. The erosion of our rights. The stolen elections. The tragedy that is Walter Reed army hospital. The "Do Nothing But Rubber Stamp Administration Requests" Congress. The Dems taking impeachment off the table. And so much more that it makes my head spin over and over again. Shit, yeah, I'm outraged and I will continue to be outraged until I see BushCo in shackles. And I will be outraged until I die that the American people let the 2nd election get close enough to steal.


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