Sunday, March 18, 2007

¡Richardson es mi Gente!

I know it's too soon to be making this choice. Fuck it. I said it and I'm glad.

I am not for Bill Richardson. I prefer the more personally committed Mexican style: I am with Bill Richardson.

Yo soy con Bill Richardson por Presidente en '08. Bad Spanish, but you get the idea.

From the bumper sticker site:

Representative, Ambassador, Envoy, Secretary, Governor: Bill Richardson has a diversity of experience -- an experience that gives him the kind of perspective that parochial George W. Bush could only dream of. Isn't it time we had someone at the helm of the country who has the ability to consider issues from more than one perspective? Bill Richardson not only has the political skills and practical knowledge necessary to make a great president; he also has a strong commitment to taking core Democratic principles and seeing them through to fruition in policy.

Plus he's a Westerner and seems to be a good guy with a sense of humor. We don't need any more southerners, actors, ideologues, or retards.

Bill Richardson For President.

Please forgive me for this outburst. I'll go back to sleep now for a year or so.

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