Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A small request

Something light for a change. I have a friend, John, in Calgary who is the scribe/photographer for the Glenlake Hawks, a PeeWee Hockey team for which one of his sons plays. Well the Hawks went from being the league doormats last year to winning the division championship this year. John tells them they have an international audience, but they don't believe him. This is his request verbatim.

For the boys, could y'all drop by


And post some congrats with where you live. They don't believe me
that people around the world follow them . . .

Take a few minutes, if you will, to stop by and give the guys a little love. If you have more time, John is an ace photographer and an extremely good writer and there is plenty of his stuff there to examine. Thanks to anyone who takes the time.


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