Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Interview With Our Mom

By way of background, That Colored Fella once called me 'n Fixer "the love children of Frank Rich and Randi Rhodes". A high compliment. It's the first time I've liked being called a loudmouth bastard!

A BuzzFlash interview with Randi Rhodes:

Yes, Randi Rhodes did serve in the military, so unlike Dick Cheney -- let's say -- she can tell you a thing or two about what it means to be in the Armed Forces.

As you will see in the interview, we don't think Randi is a flaming liberal at all. She's a gal from Brooklyn who just applies common sense and the facts to what she sees. And applying common sense to the blinded, destructive zealotry of the Bush cabal can infuriate a person.

You get the feeling that if George Bush had to spend five minutes alone in a room with Randi Rhodes, he'd end up wimpering in the corner and crying out for mercy.

So would I, but for different reasons...pardon my incestuous thoughts!

BuzzFlash: Let me ask a Barbara Walters question here. If we were at a bar, would it be the same Randi Rhodes that I hear on the air?

Randi Rhodes: Yeah, except drunk. Except drunk and really horny.

That's our Mom!

It's quite a long interview, and in no way can I do it justice here. Please go read.

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