Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

I don't care who you are or whether I support your cause or not. If I were in the same position, I'da run your ass over too. All the asshole had to do was move. The minute he started slamming on the car's hood, he was roadkill in my book.


And, I see a lot of bloggers making a big deal this guy was driving a Mercedes Benz. So what. I know a lot of people who aren't rich who drive a Benz. A lot of them can barely afford to keep it running but that's the car they have for whatever reason. I'm pretty well off and I drive Fords. What's that say? (Shut up, Chevy guys. Heh ...)

I support ($$$) these protests wholeheartedly. I stand with Scott Olsen and the other vets. But let's pick our "poster children" a little more carefully. If this is supposed to be a non-violent protest, be non-violent. This guy was just an idiot and got what he deserved, let's not glorify him.


Gordon said...

Indeed. Fuck with the 1%, not the reg'lar folks.

Fixer said...

I'll grant the guy in the car was a dick, but the protester brought the situation up a notch. The protester (for a non-violent protest) "threw the first punch".

Gordon said...

The first punch isn't important unless it's also the last punch. "Punching" a car is never a good idea. Heh.

Phil said...

Seeings how I am actually Bipolar, part of me takes exception to the Chevy guy's crack now that I have the Rat mobile, an 80 El Camino, even though I was a die hard Ford dude for twenty years

LMAO, I can't hit my ass with either hand also.

BadTux said...

Apparently the dude in the Mercedes was inching forward into a crosswalk that had people walking across it (a *big* no-no in California, completely and totally illegal and against all social norms here, crosswalks with pedestrians in them are sacrosanct *even if the light is green* and in some parts of Oakland you won't get your hood thumped if you violate one, you'll get your ass capped), and the other dude (the first dude who got hit) took offense and thumped the Mercedes guy's hood and yelled something like "keep out of the crosswalk, asshole!". As someone else put it, "two assholes behaving badly."

That said, I decidedly support the decision of the police to take the driver's information then send the driver home. A cop's supposed job is to preserve the peace, and there was no peace to be preserved by keeping Mercedes Asshole around for a while. (BTW, I tracked down Mercedes Asshole based on various info, he's a marketing manager for a consumer electronics company and his hobby is snow skiing, he likely has a salary somewhere between $150K and $200K but probably isn't a 1%er). The cops know where he lives. They have the names and phone numbers of the witnesses. This can all be sorted out by the courts in due time. There was no need to keep Mr. Mercedes around and further incite the crowd. So for all those whining that Mr. Mercedes wasn't arrested... suck it. It wasn't the job of the cops at that moment to arrest Mr. Mercedes. It was the job of the cops at that moment to head off a riot where a lot more people could get hurt, and they did their job, for a change.

- Badtux the Orderly Penguin

Fixer said...

It was the job of the cops at that moment to head off a riot where a lot more people could get hurt, and they did their job, for a change.


BadTux said...

Especially amazing now that I hear that the cops involved were BART cops from a nearby BART station, who have a reputation for shooting first and sorting out their alibis later. That Oscar Grant thing and Mendersahl actually going to prison for it musta really shook up some branches there, they actually did their job here, rather than make things worse. Will wonders ever cease?

- Badtux the "It's their job" Penguin