Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nasty Old Queens

TRex takes umbrage with the GOP closet:

Can we please as a culture agree stop pretending that Republicans aren’t a bunch of effete pussies? Bill Frist? Hello? He makes Ru Paul look like Dog the Bounty Hunter.


How many more of them will have to get arrested soliciting sex in public toilets before people finally cop to the fact that Republicans are a bunch of nasty old wealthy queens who cheat on their wives with other men and who can’t under any circumstances be trusted around teenage boys?


You know it seems to me the Republican Party has become the Catholic Church. A haven for pedophiles and deviants.

Now, don't misunderstand me. There's nothing wrong with gays, gay sex, or anything else. Love is love and manifests itself in many different ways. I'm all for 'make love not war' regardless of the sex of the couples. I give a shit what you do as long as it's done by consenting adults.

What I do have a problem with is the hypocrisy and denial, the lies and deception, on the part of Republicans and conservatives to vilify the gays at every turn, yet engage in the practices themselves.

What I do have a problem with is fucked up old men with serious problems preying on youngsters and getting away with it because their party helps them cover it up. It seems to me these clowns all gravitate to conservative organizations such as the churches and political parties who preach about 'morals' and 'values'.

I left the Republican Party 20 years ago, and the Catholic Church longer ago than that, because of the hypocrisy and lies, because of the self-serving 'morality' and the 'it's okay if we do it' attitude.

As with the Catholic priests, we've been subjected to story after story of Republican sex scandal and pedophilia for the past few years. How long will it be before the nation understands those who preach loudest about 'morals' and 'values' are the ones who disregard their own statements so casually.

Republican 'morals' and 'values' are merely tools they use to manipulate the general public. It's time we held them to the standards they demand everyone else follow. I've said many times, the Republican party is a criminal organization, robbing the public for the benefit of the filthy rich and a safe haven for deviants to practice their sick craft and avoid discovery.

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