Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rummy's High-Speed Au Revoir

Pensito Review

On Friday, while former Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld was visiting France, human rights groups based there and in the United States filed complaints against him, charging him with approving torture:

French prosecutors were said to have the power to pursue the case while Rumsfeld was in the country.

One source cites unconfirmed reports that Rumsfeld was abruptly whisked away from a breakfast meeting on Friday in order to avoid his arrest:

The report said Rumsfeld fled to Germany because similar charges were dismissed against him there in the spring.The German court ruled that Rumsfeld’s criminality was an internal matter for the United States.

Germany's right, until we sign onto the International Criminal Court. The main reason Bush didn't and won't do that is so our war criminals will be safe inside the U.S.. And Paraguay, of course.

This incident further illustrates just how stupid, or senile, or both, Rumsfeld is, as if the way he master-minded the Iraq flusterpluck wasn't enough. Every other U.S. war criminal who no longer has diplomatic immunity, from Kissinger on down to the present, knows not to go to countries where they might be arrested.

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