Friday, November 2, 2007

AGgie Follies

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There's a lot going around today on the AG nomination, including this piece at the WaPo, but BuzzFlash has a good short take:

Bush Goes to Bat for Another "Torture Boy" AG, Using Inane Lies and Deceptions to Justify Mukasey as Transitional DOJ Puppet to a Giuliani Administration. (Mukasey is a Big Bud of Giuliani.) Bush Thinks That We Are Stupid Enough to Believe That Al-Qaeda Would Not Commit a Terrorist Act Because They Don't Know How They Would be Tortured. Explain That to a Suicide Bomber, You Moron.

We'll be better off without an AG for the rest of Bush's term, however long that may turn out to be, than with a Bushbot lawyer who can't commit to what he thinks about waterboarding because he might have to prosecute his boss if he did.

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