Thursday, November 1, 2007

Madness as Method

MoDo on The Dick. Hmmm, my choice of words there may have been a slight Freudian slip...

Dick Cheney’s craziness used to influence foreign policy.

Now it is foreign policy.

Cheney seems to enjoy giving the impression that he is loony enough to pull off an attack on Iran before leaving office — even if he has to do it alone, like Slim Pickens riding the bomb down in “Dr. Strangelove” to the sentimental tune of “We’ll Meet Again.” He has even begun referring to his nickname, Darth Vader, noting that it “is one of the nicer things I’ve been called recently.”

I'd love to see Cheney doin' the Slim Pickens number! Maybe we can get the guys at Minot to spirit the nuke out of the warhead. I'd like to see the look on Cheney's face in the split second between the time the damn thing didn't go off and before he 'made his mark on the Middle East', so to speak. But if we can't, I'd almost go along with nukin' Iran if The Dick'd ride 'er down just to be rid of his insane ass. I apologize as well to Mr. Vader for the comparison.

As Pat Buchanan noted on “Hardball,” “Cheney and Bush are laying down markers for themselves which they’re going to have to meet. I don’t see how ... Bush and Cheney can avoid attacking Iran and retaining their credibility going out of office.”

In other words, once our cowboys have talked their crazy talk, they have to walk their crazy walk.

My faith in Pat Buchanan is restored! He thinks B & C have credibility. Yeesh.

They may not have credibility, but they have no sanity either. The fuckers will start WWIII (or IV, or V, or whatever number you care to assign to it) if they can.

They need to go NOW. Whatever it takes.

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